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September 18, 2020

Seamless Multi-Session Cloud Experience by 10ZiG Technology for Windows Virtual Desktop

windows_virtual_desktop_blog.JPGEndpoints and Management for

Windows Virtual Desktop Multi-Session Platform

10ZiG is a longstanding Microsoft Azure Partner and cutting-edge Windows Virtual Desktop Partner. 10ZiG Windows 10 IoT based Thin Clients are powerful, reliable, and affordable endpoints for all Windows Virtual Desktop multi-user initiatives. The 10ZiG Manager Centralized Software provides exceptional management and deployment without license limitations at no additional cost.

The partnership of Windows Virtual Desktop and 10ZiG creates a seamless multi-user platform for Cloud-based, virtual desktop environments. Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG Technology CTO, “Windows Virtual Desktop really enhances the virtual desktop experience. If you’re in the Cloud, why wouldn’t you want to manage your virtual desktop machines easily and efficiently?