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November 21, 2016

Why Consider the High-Performing Experience of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on a Thin Client?

With the Internet of Things in constant growth, a variety of industries including retail, finance, healthcare, and government, have already begun reaping the benefits of the power of Windows 10 IoT on Thin Client devices. Made for top-performing connectivity, security, and manageability, Windows 10 IoT is a full version of Windows 10 designed with smart devices in mind, and a perfect fit for certain user endpoints like Thin Clients, that really delivers.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is very enterprising, indeed!

What does Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offer via a Thin Client?

Simple * Ease-of-Use * Improved Management

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers exceptional features and functions that will change your VDI experience for the better or perhaps, for the best. With the help of “Shell Launcher,