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November 23, 2016

VMware Horizon 7; 10ZiG Blast Extreme Zero Clients Now Certified by VMware©


VMware certifies 10ZiG 4448v and 5848qv Blast Extreme Zero Clients for VMWare Horizon 7 VDI platform!

We’ve Been Certified for VMware Horizon 7!

VMware Horizon 7 support for industry-leading 10ZiG 4448v and 5848qv Blast Extreme Zero Clients is now certified. VMware Horizon 7 and Blast Extreme help to expand computing capabilities by using the industry standard H.264 codec.

VMware Blast Extreme

The VMware Blast Extreme protocol is a component of VMware Horizon 7. Blast Extreme is a forward-thinking design, based upon the H.264 video format Codec. This new protocol has excellent support for mobile networks and devices. Greatly improving stability and accelerating performance, Blast Extreme enhances the VDI experience with any Thin or Zero Client that can decode the H.264 Codec.

Requiring less bandwidth than PCoIP, Blast Extreme supports both TCP and UDP, making it better suited for mobile and lossy networks. Additionally, Blast Extreme works well for new deployments where servers are equipped with GPU architecture like NVIDIA GRID cards that support H.264 encoding. Server-based GPU cards are able to offload H.264 encoding tasks from the server CPU, resulting in increased server performance, stability, and scalability.

VMware Horizon 7 Certified 4448v Zero Client

The 10ZiG 4448v Blast Zero Client is economically priced to meet the needs of task users and knowledge workers. The 4448v easily outperforms more expensive units from the competition. 4448v standard features include dual monitor support with resolution up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA), wireless capabilities, a Dual Core processor, USB 3.0, VESA Mounting capability and ultra low power consumption ranging from only 4-5 watts.

VMware Horizon 7 Certified 5848qv Zero Client

The 10ZiG 5848qv Blast Zero Client expands upon this solid performance feature set with dual monitor support resolution up to 2560×1600 (WQXGA) via dual DisplayPort, an Intel Quad Core processor, and an array of video options. The powerful 5848qv is capable of Full HD, Multimedia, 3D and robust CAD performance…making it ideal for advanced knowledge workers and power users.

Why 10ZiG Blast Zero Clients?

More features of both the 4448v and 5848qv include PCoIP support, in addition to VMware Horizon 7 support, and the powerful 10ZiG Centralized Management utility with Cloud capabilities. Rugged, low-maintenance, solid-state construction featuring no moving parts or wear components, rounds out a list of impressive specifications. Complementing the true VDI experience of easy centralized management, productivity gains, enhanced virus protection, and increased energy savings, is peace of mind with the 10ZiG Advanced Exchange 3-Year Warranty. This warranty is one of the best in the industry with no registration required.

About 10ZiG:

10ZiG Technology is a market leader in cutting-edge Thin Client and Zero Client devices. We live and breathe Thin and Zero technology, as it is our sole focus. With a wide range of clients to fit every virtual desktop solution, what sets us apart from the rest is our unsurpassed level of available and reliable customer service, our no-charge 10ZiG Manager Software, our no-registration, instant 3-Year Warranty with Advance Replacement program, and our hassle-free, 30-day Complimentary Demos. Power. Speed. Performance. 10ZiG!