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March 20, 2018

Cloud VDI; Benefits of a VDI Environment in the Cloud

If you’re an IT professional in the world of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you’re certainly aware that traditionally-based networks including LAN, WAN, VPN etc., can manage and deliver quite good communication and connectivity via endpoints like Thin & Zero Client devices, etc. But, what about VDI in the Cloud? And, what are the benefits of a Cloud VDI environment, if any?

VDi in The Cloud Environment

Cloud VDI for Remote and Global Reach

What if small, or remote, or global locations with endpoints (like Thin or Zero Client devices) behind a Network Address Translation (NAT)-based router could connect and perform exactly the same way as traditionally-connected endpoints, as in above-mentioned LAN, WAN, and VPN networks etc.? What if, regardless of the number of communication streams, or lack of “traditional