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April 24, 2020

Managing Life and Work at Home - VDI Endpoint Management

It’s a new day – and one of hope! If you’re like so many people, you’re managing everything, for the most part, from home. Work, family, health – you name it. And, technology has become increasingly more important than ever, with people developing home offices, online ordering and services, virtual doctor appointments, video calls – again, you name it!

Thankfully, you’ve probably heard, seen, and read numerous wonderful tips and ideas as to make this all work. At 10ZiG Technology, we’re making it all work, too. We’re sticking to what we do best – cutting-edge virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology tips and tricks! This April, our focus is on managing from home with VDI and endpoint management software.


Do you either have a VDI environment, are planning or upgrading one, or were considering one at some point? Or, perhaps you’re a vendor or a partner in the VDI world? Whatever the case – with VDI, the right endpoints, and good endpoint management software, literally anyone can centrally manage endpoint devices from anywhere in the world, anytime, day or night. Here’s why the right VDI endpoint management software makes a difference and can be one less thing you have to worry about managing, whether at your office or at your home.


VDI endpoint management software should always be free with endpoint device purchases. Tech Support for a number of years should also come complimentary with the right centralized management console from the right vendor. No add-ons, no hidden expenses, and no licensing costs – with an unlimited number of users. Free – and always free!

ADMIN TIP > Choose a vendor with great Tech Support for traditional and remote set-ups. The right people make all the difference:

  • Local to you
  • Your problem is their problem commitment
  • Answer phones and respond to emails quickly
  • Friendly, available, easy to talk with
  • Qualified and certified Support Technicians


Look for VDI endpoint management software that is simple, user-friendly, and highly functional with all the technical advances and support you need. It should make endpoint management, configuration, and deployment efficient and effortless. Endpoint management software should be ever-evolving when it comes to technical, security, and management features, both in and out of the cloud.

ADMIN TIP > Here are a few key questions when reviewing endpoint management software with various providers:

  • Is it Cloud-Ready?
  • Can it automatically configure clients, allowing a no-contact deployment?
  • Is it able to shadow your endpoints to provide remote support to the end users?
  • Can it schedule tasks for off-hours updates?
  • Does it have Role-Based Access Controls?


With the right VDI endpoint management software, IT Admins can remotely control any endpoint, including x86 devices such as laptops, tablets, Thin & Zero Clients, etc., using one centrally-managed and easy-to-use platform from anywhere – home or office. By connecting via a LAN/WAN or the cloud, you should be able to manage large volumes of endpoints located remotely in cities across the country, or anywhere in the world. Set-up and updates should be easy, and support should be readily available.

ADMIN TIP > Good news – we can make things easy for you to manage from home! About 10ZiG Technology VDI Centralized Manager and Endpoints:

  • Did you know that The 10ZiG Manager™ is fully-free, easy-to-use VDI endpoint management software provided to all 10ZiG customers using Linux & Windows based Thin Clients, as well as 10ZiG NOS™ Zero Clients running on VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Parallels RAS platforms, etc?
  • The 10ZiG Manager™ provides IT Admins the choice of managing endpoints via traditional LAN/ WAN or the cloud (Cloud Connector), using either our Desktop Console or Web Console. Both platforms come with a variety of features that make managing large volumes of endpoints a breeze, regardless of your location.

Considering 10ZiG?

If you’re not certain as to which 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client VDI endpoints are right for you, reach us at sales@10zig.com or +1 (866) 865-5250 for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.

Already an Existing 10ZiG Customer?

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