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December 17, 2019

Getting Geared Up for VDI 2020

10ZiG Wants You To Be Ready For The New Year!

VDI 2020

It’s just around the corner and practically here…the big twenty, twenty, i.e. 2020! The start of a new year is a great time to assess what you’re doing, so to speak. What you’re doing right. What you’re doing wrong. What’s done. What should be done. What’s working, and what’s not working. There is no escaping that your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment including hardware, software, IT support, and end users – should also be assessed.

Here are some key decisions for this brand-new year and what you should typically be considering at this critical time.


More than ever, 2020 is the year for timely, relative decisions related to trends and changes in the VDI world. Here are a few of the key issues you should be aware of and may need to face.

Windows to Your World: Just a reminder that Microsoft Windows 7 ends its support on January 14, 2020. This includes all patches and security updates. This Windows 7 EOL support date may actually be the perfect time to upgrade your virtual desktop environment to accommodate Windows 10 IoT or look for options in the Cloud for hosting Windows 10 IoT virtual desktops.

In or Out of Cloud: New to VDI? A big decision may be whether to set up a hosted or on-premise virtual desktop infrastructure. With DaaS solutions like Amazon Workspaces, Horizon Cloud, Citrix Cloud, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops, a hosted solution is more realistic and more available than ever. If you’re going with VDI “on-prem,