December 05, 2012

How And Why You Should Be Re-purposing Your Old PCs

Tons of businesses worldwide have turned to Re-Purposing their Old PCs. Why would someone want to do that you ask? Simply put, it is a painless and quick way to widen your companies IT Budget meanwhile Re-Purposing your Old PCs by converting them to fully functioning VDI Clients.

Not everyone can afford to refresh their desktops to the extent that they would like to in the time they would like to. Re-Purposing Old PCs not only puts a new use to PCs that otherwise may never be used again, but it allows for you to be able to have what you need without relying on your computer's hardware, freeing your hardware from legacy drag and allowing for the work to be offloaded onto the server just like a thin client! Re-Purposing Your Old PCs is the perfect way to cost defiantly give new life to technology that by all other means would be considered outdated, meanwhile helping you or your company in the transition into the vast, ever growing world of VDI.

  • Re-Purpose Your PC, avoiding the cost of buying a new PC or Thin Client
  • Robust, easy to use, centralized management
  • Highly Flexible implementation, simplifying desktop administration
  • Run a current Windows OS and applications using your existing hardware
  • Future proofs your desktop
  • Eliminate non work related computer usage, increasing end user productivity
  • Simple method to lock down a PC, reducing desktop visits by support staff

Will I Be Stuck With Limited Set Options For My PC That Will Constantly Need Updates If I Choose To Re-purpose It As A VDI Client?

No! 10ZiG PC Repurposing software includes and allows for various options in protocol, OS, and application options, letting you get what you need/want in your new VDI Client. The software offers automatic updates to all applications and protocol, so as soon as a new version of anything you are using is released it automatically updates it to the latest specs.

Will My PCs Be Compatible, They Are Really Old?

Yes (Most Likely)! Any Computer that built after 1998 is compatible with the software. The software has minimal requirements that make installing on any computer a piece of cake! Don't just take my word for it here are the requirements.


  • PC / Thin Client device
  • 500 MHz or more
  • 128 MB Ram
  • IDE/SATA Hard disk
  • VGA graphics adapter
  • Ethernet network interface
  • x86 Processor

That's It!

How Would I Go About Re-Purposing My Old Computers Then?

You may be asking yourself well okay, this sounds like something I would be interested in but what do I need to do to get the ball rolling? Just visit our PC Repurposing page, fill out the form below, and we will handle the rest!