January 30, 2013

Energy Saving Thin/Zero Clients

Green Computing

Thin computing has always offered enterprise users solid cost and business benefits and these aspects have improved drastically with the wide spread adoption of Desktop Virtualization or VDI. Couple this value proposition with improved energy efficiency, a minimal environmental impact and corporations have even more incentive to choose thin clients. 10ZiG’s Energy Saving Thin/Zero Clients are solid state devices with skinny locked down Linux/windows operating systems (OS) or no OS in the case of Zero. Created and Optimized specifically for a server based environment, all user functionality is lost when a Thin/Zero Client is disconnected from the network. As Thin/Zero Clients work on a server based topology and allowing these devices to be maintained, managed and updated remotely using 10ZiG FREE Centralized Management Utility. These can be delivered without support staff having to visit the user’s desk. In the case of companies with remote locations, they will not only be saving time but fossil fuels and pollutants used to travel back and forth, to rectify any issues that end users may experience in their fast paced, ever changing technological environment.

Less materials and energy are used in the production and deployment of Energy Saving Thin/Zero Clients compared to a PC. There are no moving parts, they are virtually silent with no hard drives or fans for cooling and are small in form factor and weight which in turn promotes space saving reduces the cost and energy required for shipping units for additional deployment at the end users desktop. Being produced with fewer materials in turn means there are fewer materials to dispose of at the end of life. Moreover, up to 90% of the actual unit can be recycled and up to 99% of the packaging can be recycled as well. All 10ZiG Energy Saving Thin/Zero Clients meet mandatory UK WEEE recycling process and also meet stringent ISO 14001 and ROHS certifications which is the high standard for recycle ability of our products and the EU standard for Lead and Mercury free devices as well as other harmful toxic substances. In addition, Thin/Zero Clients do have a much greater product lifespan over the PC, its durability is typically closer to 5-7 years with seldom break down rate (40K hours of mean time to failure).

Consider that a typical desktop PC uses between 65 to 250 watts of power per-hour. Compare this to a 10ZiG Thin/Zero Client, which uses between 6 and 14 watts of power per-hour. To put this into perspective, 6 watts of electricity is the equivalent of a single light bulb on a Christmas tree. Consider having a network running hundreds if not thousands of Thin/Zero clients installed and running, the cost savings can very significant.

The 10ZiG V1200-P Zero Client

The latest 10ZiG Zero Client offering is powered by the next-generation Tera2 PCoIP Portal Processor and is designed specifically with a small carbon footprint. The V1200-P only consumes ~6 Watts of power. The V1200-P dual display Zero Client consumes half the power of the previous generations, helping any organization with lowering their overall power consumption and general virus exposure, ultimately lowering the total cost of ownership.

The 10ZiG cutting edge V1200-P supports the efficiency and security of centralized computing and offers a truly un-compromised desktop experience. The V1200-P provides a seamless solution with performance that will meet the growing needs of any expanding VDI customer base including Federal, Financial services, Healthcare, Education and many other enterprise markets. This is one of the greenest solutions on the market today!

Dynamic Features:

  • Eliminates the need for provisioning, managing, maintaining and securing enterprise desktops
  • Delivers high end-user elements
  • Quad Monitor Optional
  • 4 USB ports
  • Rich multimedia playback
  • HD audio
  • Multiple Monitor support
  • VESA Mounting Capability

2018 update: For more information on our newest full V1200 Series Zero Client Line, click here.