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April 18, 2022

Thin Clients - How to Convince Your People to Adopt Them and Desktop Virtualization

There’s plenty of business reasons for adopting Thin Clients and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), but points like security, data management, and cost savings aren’t always the best way to convince employees that Thin Clients are going to work well for them. That’s just as true for the IT department and other technical employees as it is for nontechnical roles like HR and accounting.

Without getting buy-in from the people on the ground, however, adoption rates will struggle. And without adoption, your business won’t realize any of the benefits that you invested for in the first place.

To get your people on board with Thin Clients and desktop virtualization, start by considering your audience. Then, pitch accordingly by using language that resonates with them and by showing them what they get out of the bargain. There’s hardly a better incentive than self-interest, so focus not on what VDI will do for the business but rather demonstrate how it will make their workday more pleasant or more productive.

Here’s how to help “sell