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August 20, 2020

Remote-Working: What To Look For in a Virtual Desktop Endpoint Hardware & Software Provider


The in-office experience at home or any remote location has grown by record numbers and so has the importance of its quality and functionality of its setup. Even though some are able to make small strides to return back to the office - for those employees who have been sent home to work - communication, management, and support has never been more relied on when it comes to remote-working and connections to VDI and Cloud computing environments.

Can a Virtual Desktop Hardware & Software Provider Really Make a Difference with Remote-Working Communications?

IT Professionals have been seeking out powerful, reliable, and affordable endpoints for remote-working environments, now more than ever. The right provider can indeed make all the difference. Endpoints should be diversified and customized to provide the best performance in virtual desktop and server-based applications & desktops to fit both hosted and Cloud environments.

Endpoint centralized management software is an integral part of remote-working and should be a free enterprise management tool, whether premise or Cloud based, with no license limitation. It should successfully and easily manage endpoints, both Linux and Windows, in-office or remote-working locations. It's good to be aware that some endpoint providers charge for management software or may have add-on costs. Don’t get caught up with number of licenses and users, when there are providers who will charge nothing at all.

Additionally, be sure to ask if providers do charge, or may be planning to start charging, for hardware maintenance from the beginning, on day one of a purchase - instead of including annual maintenance at no charge for up to several years. All of these types of hidden charges are something that some endpoint providers may not want to bring out in the open as they should.


What Other Qualities Should I Look For In A Remote-Working Virtual Desktop Endpoint Provider?

An endpoint device can only be as good as the firmware it supports and the latest software it uses. A provider's firmware updates with respect to protocol releases and market demands for endpoint management software enhancements should be responsive. Also, check if endpoint devices are going through Certifications with VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, etc. See if a device’s characteristics line up with hardware compatibility lists.

Customer-driven solutions and making devices fit into your environment (and not the other way around) is one of the best provider offerings we can mention. Devices customized for what you need - like integration using optimized peripherals, Windows customization in adding and removing programs, installing drivers, image optimizations, etc., is what you want.

Also, available, friendly, and quick-to-respond Tech Support who won’t stop until they’ve found a solution. You want to be able to get on the phone with a Certified Technician or get a return email without a long wait as well.

What some providers might not want you to know is that they’re not going to send you a replacement device while you’re shipping back your device for possible repair or return. Advanced Return Warranties is the way to go with any endpoint provider. All of these mentioned qualities more than make a difference, whether working remotely or in office, for that matter.


What About 10ZiG Technology Hardware and Software for Remote-Working Communications?

10ZiG Technology has been assisting a record-breaking number of customers for remote communication features during this global pandemic and we can help you too. We've been a virtual desktop remote-working solution for years, but the number of customers and organizations requesting this kind of support feature recently exploded.

With a wide range of 10ZiG cutting-edge Thin & Zero Client endpoints stocked and ready, The 10ZiG Manager™ Software with Cloud capabilities, all of the above qualities, and not having to close our doors for even one day, the Power, Speed, and Performance of 10ZiG Technology is keeping organizations up-and-running as usual in a very unusual time.

10ZiG offers Thin & Zero Clients for VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, as well as other leading VDI vendors using Linux and Windows 10 IoT based platforms on x86 Intel/AMD hardware. Add in The 10ZiG Manager™ Server, and remote-working for your organization is possible!

We are an endpoint provider that provides top-quality VDI endpoints, software, service, and warranties. You can reach us at sales@10zig.com or +1 (866) 865-5250 for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.