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December 10, 2012

How Can You Recover a Loop in Security with Thin Client Management

The worst event an organization can go through is a security breach. Thin clients, you will have options that can give you the security that you are looking for. Sensitive and private information will be secured with the use of thin client management software as it allows for remote control or shadow devices, making it possible for an IT administrator to take control of a thin client device and take necessary precautions to secure their workplace. With the use of thin client manager software from industry leaders such as 10ZiG Technology, the software allows for group configurations for Windows Embedded units so the devices can be directly configured and push out security updates and application updates as individual packages to groups of users.

Thin Clients Provide Security


Within a desktop virtualization environment, users will have access to only the information that they need to perform their tasks. Your sensitive information will not be available on their thin clients because of the centralized management feature provided on Thin Client devices. This also makes task completion more efficient from their desktop or kiosk area because it is easier to access their information.

All 10ZiG Thin and Zero Client devices include an unlimited user Centralized Management utility free of charge.

10ZiG's products are sold with a three year advance exchange warranty that also includes our 10ZiG Manager. The thin client management software eliminates the need for you to be directly at employee’s work stations to complete management tasks. You can do updates and troubleshooting from your own work area to keep business flowing smoothly. Many companies are amazed at how much easier the job of managing technology has become with the use of our 10ZiG Manager.

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