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June 01, 2023

Are You One of the Million+ Soon to be Disconnected by VMware PCoIP EOL News?

VMware Horizon Users Can Rest Easy with 10ZiG Blast Zero Clients

Worried about End of Service i.e. End of Life for PCoIP in a VMware Environment on particular PCoIP supported endpoint devices?

In March, VMware officially announced EOS/EOL for PCoIP, and this will eventually affect over one million+ endpoint devices, rendering them useless. VMware has been supporting PCoIP as a protocol option in Horizon for years, but as their Blast protocol has evolved, they have announced dropping support for PCoIP in Horizon. While you may not be concerned this very minute, you may want to choose to act faster and worry less, so that you can be ready.

10ZiG has a long list of qualifying reasons why you shouldn’t have to worry and why you should consider letting us assist. As a leading Thin & Zero Client provider for VDI, Cloud, and DaaS including NOS™ Zero Clients, 10ZiG can help right now. The Power, Speed, and Performance of 10ZiG NOS-V Zero Clients are perfect for taking away any stress over looming EOL dates. Our VMware-Ready Zero Clients allow you to migrate now – you can choose to work with either PCoIP or Blast Extreme based on your needs today, and then into the future. Especially when switching to Blast Extreme,
as you are ready.


1. VMware-Ready Partner Support for both PCoIP & Blast Extreme (Blast Codec, H.264 (4:2:0, 4:4:4), H.265)

2. Client Based Hardware Decoding (H.264 4:2:0, H.265)

3. Supported feature set of VMware Horizon Linux Client, including:

  • USB Redirection
  • RTAV (Real-Time Audio Video)
  • Client Drive Redirection (CDR)
  • Printer Redirection
  • Scanner Redirection
  • Serial Port Redirection
  • HTML5 Redirection

4. Support for Microsoft Teams Optimization, Zoom VDI, Cisco Webex, Cisco JVDI

5. Support for Wireless

6. WiFi 5 & 6 Options

7. SFP Ready/Fiber Option

8. No-Contract U.S. & EMEA Technical Support

9. No-Cost Firmware Updates

10. No Subscription, No License-Limit Management Console

11. 3-Year Advance Exchange Warranty

12. Readily Available, U.S.-Inventoried & Assembled Hardware Options

13. Risk of Not Being Ready When PCoIP with VMware is Belly-up

For more information on our solutions or to arrange your free, no-obligation demo devices, contact us at info@10zig.com or info@10zig.eu

Don't forget, we also offer best-in-industry Technical Support and provide at no cost, the Cloud-enabled 10ZiG Manager with unlimited user licenses.