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July 14, 2017

Parallels Remote Application Server Solution Available For The First Time With Zero Client Technology From 10ZiG

Parallels Remote Application Server

The Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) VDI platform now has the perfect solutions for Zero Client VDI. Created specifically for Parallels, 10ZiG Zero Clients are the first and only endpoints dedicated for the support and use of Parallels RAS. Parallels RAS via 10ZiG Zero Clients offers a host of benefits, including cost efficiency, enhanced security, advanced accessibility options, and comprehensive cloud support.

Parallels Remote Application Server is an integrated virtualization platform that securely delivers applications, desktops, and data to any device, wherever needed. It seamlessly delivers remote desktops and virtual applications by using either Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Zero Client 10ZiG 4448p for Parallels RAS runs on an Intel Dual Core processor and offers dual screen capability, optional wireless, VESA mounting; perfect fit for business and task users. Zero Client 10ZiG 5848qp for Parallels RAS is primed with an Intel Quad Core processor and dual screen as standard, and optional DVI or dual DisplayPort options, capable of Full HD, Multimedia, 3D and robust CAD performance; making it ideal for advanced knowledge workers and power users.

The Parallels Remote Application Server & 10ZiG Technology Partnership

As a global leader in cross-platform solutions, Parallels acquired 2X Software, a worldwide leader in application virtualization, remote application delivery, and mobile device management solutions, back in 2015. Of course, 10ZiG has long been a leading innovator in Thin & Zero Client Technology, delivering value and feature-rich solution platforms for customers looking to optimize their Client virtualization infrastructure.

10ZiG has been partnering with Parallels for some time on the Thin Client front and has now developed their relationship and offerings for Parallels Remote Application Server on Zero Clients. The ease of use, flexibility, and high level of security that this VDI growing partnership offers ensures that whether someone is new to the VDI market or looking to upgrade current hardware, 10ZiG & Parallels has a solution. The new Parallels RAS Zero Client offerings will help to further enable more cost-sensitive customers to streamline workflows and reduce the over-all expense of VDI deployments with quality, power, speed, and performance.

About 10ZiG Clients For Parallels RAS and More

10ZiG Technology is a world market leader in cutting-edge Thin Clients and Zero Clients. We live and breathe Thin & Zero Technology, as it is our sole focus. With a wide range of Clients to fit every virtual desktop solution, including Parallel Remote Application Server Thin Clients & Zero Clients, what sets us apart from the rest is our unsurpassed level of available and reliable customer service, our no-charge 10ZiG Manager Software; our no-registration, instant 3-Year Warranty with Advance Replacement program; and our hassle-free, 30-day Complimentary Demos.