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February 21, 2017

Linux Thin Clients & Zero Clients by 10ZiG Achieve Imprivata Certification

Linux Thin Client

Healthcare professionals want to focus on caring for patients, not bothersome tech issues…

Lightening fast, easier access to patient records helps healthcare professionals focus on what’s really import… caring for their patients.

Linux Thin Client & Zero Client devices by 10ZiG help to improve healthcare industry

If you’re a tech professional in the healthcare field, chances are you may have heard of Imprivata and Imprivata Certification. 10ZiG Technology is happy to report that we have just helped to actually improve the healthcare industry by achieving full certification of Imprivata® OneSign Single-Sign-On (SSO) following integration into our PeakOS™ Linux Thin Client and NOS™ Software Zero Client devices… simplifying healthcare professionals’ access to virtual desktops.

Imprivata Certification allows 10ZiG healthcare professionals lightning fast and highly secure access to clinical and administrative applications, streamlining workflow by stopping the need to repeatedly sign-in across multiple 10ZiG endpoints, via our Linux Thin Client and NOS Zero Client devices.

Support for Imprivata OneSign proximity card readers allows care providers access to their virtual desktops on these particular, no-click access 10ZiG devices without the need for remembering multiple passwords. This means faster and easier access to patient records, which ultimately means a better focus on and more efficient care for patients.

Linux Thin Client & NOS Zero Client devices by 10ZiG; a healthy partnership with Imprivata

“We are excited that 10ZiG completed the integration effort to achieve Imprivata OneSign Certification; their Thin and Zero Clients are now well positioned for the healthcare market, where Imprivata enables fast secure access