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March 24, 2021

Hybrid Working - New Endpoints, New Education, New Security - What All Should You Think About?

Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working - NEW Approach

It's estimated that 60% of companies will offer a hybrid work model soon, if they aren't already. 10ZiG's got you covered for that!

About a year ago, we either didn't know and/or were all left scrambling to pull together what we needed to work-from-home. Fast-forward to today - and the now hybrid work approach that is becoming more mainstream. Using a standard laptop doesn't typically get the job done, long term. If hybrid-working is serious and permanent, it's time to find serious and permanent solutions for both company office and home office.

From computers to power adapters to headphones to webcams to keyboards, and more - the proper equipment, onsite and off, will help employees to succeed, which helps organizations to succeed. Here's what we know best. Whether you're in the cloud or not, virtual desktop infrastructure with Thin & Zero Client endpoints and centralized management software can keep your network of endpoints and people working at full speed, full power, and full performance > READ MORE HERE

Hybrid Working - NEW Endpoints

You need numerous USB ports, serious RAM, and 4-monitor support at 4K @ 60Hz for your power users... You'll want to see the NEW 10ZiG 6100 Series - a performance beast!

You need steadfast performance, value-class, and quad core build for your task workers...You'll want to see the NEW 10ZiG 4600q Series - entry level workhorse!

Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working - NEW Live-Demo Webcasts & Education

Keep checking back for all things 10ZiG with Citrix, VMware, and more - by way of live demo webcasts. Absolutely free, and customized based on market demands past attendee feedback.


Hybrid Working - NEW Security

"10ZiG Technology Expands Federal Reach with Secure Smart Card Authentication Support and Endpoints for Hi-Assurance Network Access"



Having the proper tech tools in office and at home, including supportive remote Client endpoints, makes for a better user experience with virtual desktop infrastructure and virtual communications - in and out of the cloud.

Leveraging 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients in a VDI environment is a super easy way to get end users set-up and connected in the fastest way possible. They take up next-to-no space and come with multi-monitor support, while providing all of the ports needed to connect key devices and displays, and working with all of the popular remote desktop protocols to connect to a VDI or DaaS environment - Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Amazon WorkSpaces, etc.

10ZiG is a virtual desktop endpoint provider that offers top-quality Thin & Zero Clients for VDI and Cloud, centralized management software, exceptional tech support service, and an advance warranty. 10ZiG custom hardware features all of the above plus The 10ZiG ManagerTM, the always FREE centralized management software with unlimited licenses/users.

You can reach us at sales@10zig.com or at +1 (866) 865-5250 for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.

For more information on 10ZiG products and services, please use our

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