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April 29, 2021

Endpoint Security: Minimum Attack Surface

Endpoint Security

How Strong is Your Endpoint Security?

You will likely have chosen or be close to choosing your post-pandemic working strategy. Whether you choose to take a fully remote, hybrid, or full return to the office approach - how safe is your endpoint security and are your endpoints in sync with your IT Security or Zero Trust Security Strategy?

Whether personally owned or provided by your organization, the increased use of laptops, PCs, and tablets on home networks could and should be of great concern. Unmanaged and unsecured networks can increase the risk of loss and theft, or damage and misuse by non-authorized users, even accidental misuse by family members. These are just a few considerations that if ignored could create devastating security breaches or data loss for your business.

How are you overseeing that your endpoint security is aligned with your security policies? IDG Research found that nearly 80% of Senior IT and IT Security Leaders believe their organizations lack sufficient protection against cyber attacks, despite increased IT security investments made in 2020 to deal with distributed IT and work-from-home challenges.

Endpoint Security

10ZiG Endpoint Security for Minimum Attack Surface

10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients provide high-performance and futureproofed endpoint security using finely tuned, secure, and in-house developed operating systems that provide a uniformed and seamless experience for your workforce. 10ZiG endpoints go through rigorous endpoint security testing and support a whole host of features to make the 10ZiG experience a complete solution for your modern IT dependent workforce.

10ZiG supports all user requirements from low level use cases to seamless Video Conferencing, 3D, CAD, 4K UHD, and Quad Screen. You can be sure it is 100% secure-based on continual penetration and vulnerability testing. With the ability to support multi-factor authentication, 802.1x and TPM, 10ZiG endpoint security offers a minimum attack surface to limit access to protocol apps and virtual desktops and other corporate services as required. Users are restricted from storing data locally, and access to external storage, such as USB mass storage, can be assigned by you to users on a granular basis allowing IT approved encrypted devices only.

Client communication via 10ZiG endpoints is secured via SSL with The 10ZiG Manager™. The 10ZiG Manager is the feather in the 10ZiG cap, allowing you to take control and visibility of your endpoint security. This cloud-ready enterprise management tool is 100% Cost-FREE and enables you to auto-deploy, auto-configure, and manage an unlimited number of 10ZiG endpoints, regardless of whether they are based at the home or at the office. In fact, you can manage your 10ZiG endpoints at an unlimited number of international locations, regardless of where the Admin is located.

If you want to provide your business with secure and high performing endpoint security, allowing automated rollout and intuitive remote management wherever your workforce is based – 10ZiG Technology is the perfect match for you. Visit the 10ZiG website to learn more or to arrange your FREE DEMO DEVICE, shipped straight to your door wherever you are working...

Endpoint Security