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May 30, 2017

Endpoint Security for Cyber Attack Protection; Are You Safe?

Thin & Zero Client Endpoint Security

The recent cyber attack that hit hard in Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, and more... has left most of us feeling insecure in unsafe world, once again. Just when you think you’ve got everything on lock down, someone finds a way to break the chains, so to speak… not to mention our IT nerves. The latest ransomware scare, WannaCry, which preys on a weakness in Microsoft Windows, continues to be perpetrated via various versions, spreading ongoing international chaos and worldwide problems. Experts are recommending additional protection, and so is 10ZiG with Thin & Zero Client endpoint security and (The) 10ZiG Manager package updates.

Endpoint Security For Staying Strong Against Cyber Bad Guys...

The most vulnerable to WannaCry are those who have still not updated their Windows; please do so immediately! Computers and networks that have not are at risk. Make this an ongoing best practice. Also, according to security company Bitdefender, follow these five steps for prevention: “1) Disable your computer's Server Message Block service, 2) Install Microsoft's patch, 3) Back up your data on an offline hard drive, 4) Install all Windows updates, 5) Use a reputable security software to prevent attacks in the future.