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July 20, 2022

What Some Endpoint Providers Don't Want You to Know and Why

Endpoint Providers

Of course, while you most certainly can rely on Thin & Zero Client providers out there with your VDI environment and any related projects or upgrades, there are some things you may not know (and that they might not want you to know) before shaking hands in contractual agreements. The good news is that we know what they are, and what to look for!

Charging for Software:
They may not tell you up front, so please be aware that some Thin & Zero Client providers charge for their endpoint management software – whether in or out of the Cloud – and may have add-on costs. You don’t want to get caught up with number of licenses and users when there are providers out there who will charge you absolutely nothing at all for any of it.

Charging for Hardware Maintenance:
Hard to imagine but, be sure to ask if they do or plan to start charging for hardware maintenance from the beginning, on day one of purchase - instead of including annual maintenance at no charge for up to several years. These types of hidden charges are something that some endpoint providers may not want to bring out in the open as they should.

End-of-Life Products & Offers:
Don’t let some endpoint providers persuade you into purchasing devices that they plan to soon retire, leaving you with end-of-life hardware and having to purchase again, sooner rather than later. And to that point, avoid providers who are breaking away from no-cost endpoint management consoles, which equates to the potential ending of free software offers.

Slow Firmware & Endpoint Management Updates:
With VDI and Digital Workspace environments evolving at a fast pace, firmware updates with respect to protocol releases and market demands for endpoint management software enhancements, can’t be slow to the finish line. An endpoint device can only be as good as the firmware it supports and latest software it uses.

Are endpoint devices going through Certifications with VMware, Citrix, and the like? A big tip here is to check and see if a device’s characteristics lines up with a hardware compatibility list. Everything should be up front and spelled out for you. Best not to find out later that your dozens of new Thin Clients, for example, won’t sync up.

One-Fits-All Product:
Guaranteed, your environment is not like others. Customer-driven solutions and making devices fit into your environment (not the other way around) is one of the best confidences we can mention. Devices customized for what you need – like integration using optimized peripherals, Windows customization in adding and removing programs, installing drivers, image optimizations, and more – is what you want.

Weak Product Warranties:
What some providers might not want you to know is that they’re not going to send you a replacement device while you’re shipping back your device for repair or even return. Certainly, that is something you’ll want to know. “Advanced Return Warranties” is the way to go with any Thin or Zero Client hardware device. Business can’t wait, so why should you?

Lack of Tech Support:
Not so much a secret, as a tip – one of the biggest tips. Available, friendly, quick-to-respond, local-to-you Tech Support who won’t stop until they’ve found a solution. Where is a provider’s Tech Support and what are their qualifications? With some providers (not all), you can’t even get on the phone with their Technicians or a returned email without a long wait.

Disappearing Sales Support:
Just like any new relationship, you’d hope that they’re in it for the long haul. Often customers are courted by Sales Reps for endpoint hardware and software and then ditched once the deal has closed. Surely, that’s something no one is bound to tell you when sealing the deal. Understand that some endpoint providers will do this, so find one who won’t – they’re out there.

Outsourced R&D:
Research and Development (R&D;) is best when it is in-house – not outsourced. Can you imagine finding out that they’re not? The connection between customer to provider and provider to R&D; helps with that quick response time to updates that we mentioned above. R&D; that’s not outsourced is part of the provider’s family and very accessible, not third party.

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