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February 28, 2019

Left high and dry without the Dell Wyse 7030 (formerly Dell Wyse P45) Quad-Monitor Client? Not to worry – 10ZiG has a replacement ready.

Dell Wyse 7030

Dell Wyse 7030 (formerly Dell Wyse P45) is no more! So, what are customers who are left hanging going to do?

Whether you saw it coming or not, the Dell Wyse 7030 PCoIP Zero Client (pictured below), formerly Dell Wyse P45, built for VMware Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces is no longer available as of January 2019. Not the absolute worst thing, but certainly not the easiest thing to contend with in a VDI environment, especially when a Client such as this is very much so a product that is still current, in demand, sought after, and just as well may be part of your infrastructure right now. As a Dell Wyse endpoint user, you may find yourself struggling at the moment if you’re in the middle of planning or implementing a VDI project that involved or involves Dell Wyse 7030s.

The news of this announcement can really put a stumbling block in your VDI deployment, expansion, or upgrade, and is just another reminder of why some companies that try to focus on everything, and try to “do all