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January 23, 2017

Citrix 7.12; Would An Upgrade Benefit Your Environment?

Citrix 7.12

Not sure if Citrix 7.12 would benefit your VDI or Published Applications environment? Think again.

Have you thought about Citrix 7.12 for your VDI Environment? Seems like more and more Citrix users are upgrading to the most current version of the latest XenDesktop/XenApp release, 7.12, and really experiencing new opportunities in their VDI and Published Application environments. Take a look…

Citrix 7.12; Protocol Benefits of Staying Current

Even Better Support – Citrix 7.12 supports Windows Server 2016 for both server-based OS desktops and virtual apps; its architecture allows for instant integration. New or enhanced deployment can be created with Azure Resource Manager. Microsoft Universal Apps (based on Universal Windows Platform) enables app development and deployment to nearly any Windows device. HDX RealTime Optimization Pack enables Skype for Business users to offload voice and video media streams to end points.

Even Better Management – Deployed XenDesktop/XenApp end points are more efficiently managed and monitored by geography, user profile, and more, with zone preference enhancement. IT can actually clone dedicated VDI devices (VMs) using Machine Creation Services, enabling easier storage operation, migration, and centralized collaboration. Users connect to virtual apps and desktops, regardless of unavailable database, with improved Local Host Cache Technology and no administrative assistance.

Even Better Graphics – Integrity of graphics is improved and sharpened without any increase in bandwidth. 8-bit Thinwire graphics mode optimizes simple apps, like Microsoft Office programs, over low-bandwidth connections. Users that run both video and text-based content get the best quality experience as the user display for Citrix 7.12 is designed to be easily adaptable for peak performance. HTML5 video redirection improves performance and scalability by redirecting content for local end point processing.

For Maximum Citrix Upgrade Benefits, Select the Right End Points

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