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September 12, 2022

Citrix, Google & 10ZiG – A Triple-Win for ChromeOS Flex!

Please join Neil C. Hughes - Tech Columnist & Podcast Host - for an in-depth chat on this very topic with 10ZiG Technology's Kevin Greenway, Chief Technology Officer and Citrix's own Manjunatha Gali, Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing, Alliance Marketing & Strategic Programs - tune in now...

For organizations that embraced the popular Google Chromebook for accessing Citrix, ChromeOS Flex & 10ZiG now enables them to:

  • leverage the same OS look & feel for other third-party hardware endpoints
  • bundle ChromeOS, previously available only on Chromebooks, onto Thin Clients
  • utilize the benefits & features that Thin Client devices are renowned for

Google ChromeOS Flex & 10ZiG combined offer an affordable, fast, simple, and highly secure operating system on an energy-efficient, powerful, top-performing Thin Client hardware endpoint device. That, along with the history of Citrix & 10ZiG for VDI, Server Based Computing, and Cloud Computing with DaaS- and Cloud- based Workspaces from solutions like Citrix Cloud, is what mutual customers are turning towards for today’s flexible work infrastructures and environments.

Just as with ChromeOX Flex, 10ZiG is known for being flexible and making devices fit into the customer’s environment and its sole focus on Thin & Zero Client Hardware and Software:

  • For over 17+ years, a market-leading hardware vendor, specifically providing Thin & Zero Client endpoint, management, and support
  • Nimble, cutting edge with in-house R&D team that develops and maintains Linux- and Windows- based client OSs, and a management solution which is wrapped around the Citrix platform
  • Leader on innovations with Citrix, and often among the first to embrace and offer new features:
    • EX: Most recently during the pandemic and resulting remote and hybrid working, which caused a rapid shift in the usage and demand of platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom VDI, etc., 10ZiG was able to offer this functionality to customers and worked closely with Citrix on integration, subsequent feedback, and ongoing development.

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Why Citrix & 10ZiG?