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April 24, 2020
Do you either have a VDI environment, are planning or upgrading one, or were considering one at some point? Or, perhaps you’re a vendor or a partner in the VDI world? Whatever the case – with VDI, the right endpoints, and good endpoint management software, literally anyone can centrally manage endpoint devices from anywhere in the world, anytime, day or night. Here’s why the right VDI endpoint management software makes a difference and can be one less thing you have to worry about managing, whether at your office or at your home.
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April 21, 2020
10ZiG has Endpoint Inventory, Short Lead Times, and the Best Tech & Customer Support Available...RIGHT NOW!
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April 07, 2020
The Latest in VMware Horizon 7.12 / Blast Extreme Advancements Webinar presented by: Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG CTO
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