May 20, 2013

Get Answers Fast: Commonly Asked Questions In The VDI Industry

What are the benefits of the Teradici 2800 Apex Card?

APEX 2800lp10ZiG offers two different APEX Cards that are powered by Teradici. The APEX 2800 and the APEX 2800LP (low-profile) which is the same features yet is half the height and length of the APEX 2800. These server offload cards are specialized for 10ZiG’s Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client, the V1200. When the APEX Server Offload Card is coupled with the PCoIP Zero Client, frame rates megapixels per second are nearly doubled compared to the rate with software encoding.

Since frame rates megapixels per Apex 2800second is significantly faster, the use of graphic intensive applications are executed without any trouble. 10ZiG’s APEX card offloads the PCoIP image which reduces server CPU utilization. By offloading the PCoIP image to the APEX card, CPU peaks are eliminated and end-users have a stable, un-compromised desktop experience that runs at an optimal rate.

The APEX cards have 2GB of onboard DDR3 SDRAM with ECC protection and resolution to support single, dual, tri and quad monitors. APEX Server Offload cards are well suited for anyone looking to streamline peaks in CPU for ensuring constant productivity for the end-user.

How can a host card benefit my environment?

Host cards are all about bringing heightened security, speed and ease of use to PCoIP Zero Clients such as 10ZiG’s V1200 Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client. When a host card and a PCoIP Zero Client are combined, the solution allows for a remote connection to the Tera 2240 Host CardPCoIP Zero Client while ensuring top security and productivity. Host cards deliver only pixels of data across LAN or WAN networks to any user while storing everything in the datacenter. The implementation of host cards into a PCoIP Zero Client environment benefits both IT managers and end-users alike. Host cards are favorable for IT managers because they can control remote workstations from a single desktop, this allows for multiple locations working under a single IT manager.

For end-users, host cards bring endless benefits ranging from increased productivity, top security as the host card includes the AES-256 and NSA Suite B security protocols, the ability to access their workstation from any location, full back up on the Tera 2220 Host Cardserver so they never lose any of their work due to circumstances such as power outages and even faster computing speed. Host Cards powered by Teradici are ideal for the movie production industry or used in trading floors as the PCoIP Zero Client deploys robust graphics support for up to four monitors simultaneously. Other industries that would benefit from host cards include, medical imaging, engineering, construction and healthcare as these are all industries that rely heavily on security. Overall, the implementation of host cards into a VDI environment will bring benefits to the entire corporation and provide an enhanced VMware Horizon View experience and a deployment very similar to that of a traditional style desktop.

Do you have any Thin or Zero Clients with System-on-Chip?10ZiG 5700 Side View

10ZiG’s premier System-on-Chip (SoC) Zero Client, the 5748c is perfect for those looking for a highly efficient, energy and space saving unit, with the most competitive pricing in the VDI marketplace. The 5748c System-on-Chip Zero Client is optimized for Citrix environments. This ultra small form factor Zero Client is sure to bring exceptionally high-performing multimedia acceleration to provide a robust VDI deployment. For those in the Citrix community in need of graphic demanding applications, this SoC unit is the perfect fit for your environment. A few features on 10ZiG’s System-on-Chip Zero Client include four USB ports, optional internal wireless, VESA mount and improved desktop security. The 5748c SoC Zero Client is sure to appeal to those looking for an economical Zero Client for Citrix.

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Are Thin or Zero Clients compatible with my AutoCAD environment?

10ZiG offers the V1200 PCoIP Zero Client that deploys AutoCAD V1200tremendously well. The V1200 Zero Client with the Tera2 PCoIP Portal Processor can support the most graphic demanding applications. This Zero Client encompasses next-generation features such as dual monitor support standard with optional quad monitor support, 30