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13 December 2023

Virtual, Webinar /

Introduction, Management & Best Practices of 10ZiG’s Latest Linux v16.5 Firmware for 10ZiG NOS™, PeakOS™, and RepurpOS™ Operating Systems


You’re going to want to join us for this pre-holiday discussion and demos for managing and configuring “all things” 10ZiG Linux 16.5 including NOS™, PeakOS™, RepurpOS™, and 10ZiG Manager™ Web Console. Earlier this year, 10ZiG released 10ZiG Linux v16.4 & 10ZiG Manager v5, introducing our all new HTML-based GUI and the ability of delivering consistent configuration and management between the endpoints and 10ZiG Manager using our Web Console. Now, as we advance to 10ZiG Linux v16.5, based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and support for NOS, PeakOS and RepurpOS, we host this can’t miss session to cover best practices on configuring and managing 10ZiG Linux v16.5 using 10ZiG Manager & Web Console. We will cover some examples of these best practices and the differences between managing earlier implementations of 10ZiG Linux-based operating systems with 10ZiG Manager MMC Console, and how such requirements are supported today by our very latest software offerings. Whether new on the 10ZiG journey in deploying 10ZiG Linux, or upgrading earlier clients to v16.5 and want to be in the know on configuration and management, this session is for you… grab your “seat” now and a chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card for those last-minute gifts!

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