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Software to Convert Old PCs to Thin Clients Now Available from 10ZiG Technology

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10ZiG Technology (formerly BOSaNOVA, Inc.), the emerging market leader in development of Thin Clients and Network Appliances today announces they have teamed up with ThinLaunch Software to offer Thin Desktop® to convert aging PCs into Thin Clients.

Thin Desktop simplifies the deployment of virtual desktops by turning old Windows PCs into locked down thin client devices. This allows customers to leverage their existing infrastructure while benefiting from a standard user interface, centralized management and increased security. Installation is simple and in future releases can be deployed through the 10ZiG Manager which will be packaged with the Thin Desktop software.

Benefits include:

  • Leverage current investment in PCs by converting them to thin clients
  • Increase productivity by eliminating non-work related computer usage
  • Easier to maintain lessening the burden on support staff
  • Standard user interface to manage all desktops centrally

“One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of desktop virtualization is the cost of implementation. Thin Desktop lessens that burden by allowing customers to preserve their current investment in PCs, while still benefiting from the advantages of thin clients including centralized management and increased security,