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RDP 7 Now Available on 10ZiG Windows Embedded Standard Thin Clients

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10ZiG Technology (formerly BOSaNOVA, Inc.), the emerging market leader in development of Thin Clients and Network Appliances announces today the availability of RDP 7 on 10ZiG Windows Embedded Standard Thin Clients.

RDP 7, announced yesterday, offers enhancements which provide an improved end user experience. Not only is performance enhanced, the latest release of RDP boasts features including bi-directional audio (for VoIP support), enhanced multi-monitor support, multi-media redirection, and more. 10ZiG has a wide range of Windows Embedded Standard Thin Clients available with RDP 7 including the V-Series units which are designed for virtual desktops.

“This release was much anticipated and we’re pleased to be one of the first thin client vendors to announce the availability of RDP 7. RDP 7 paired with 10ZiG Thin Clients provides an enhanced end user experience and improved performance,