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New Rebate Program on Old Teradici Based Zero Clients Offered by 10ZiG Technology

10ZiG offers new cost saving rebate incentive to all Tera1 users looking to upgrade to Tera2.

4/16/15 - Phoenix, AZ – 10ZiG Technology announced today that its Board of Directors approved a rebate program for existing Tera1 PCoIP Zero Client users when upgrading to 10ZiG Tera2 hardware. 10ZiG has opened this offer to their existing Tera1 customer base and ALL worldwide Tera1 users who purchased from ANY Teradici OEM vendor. This includes the Wyse P20, EVGA PD05, Samsung and any other Teradici OEM Manufacturer who offered you a device with the Tera1 chipset.

The Rebate Program offers all Tera1 users a great savings when upgrading to 10ZiG’s Tera2 hardware, it will also offer consumers access for up to 3 Years of FREE Advanced Exchange Warranty, up to 3 Years FREE access to 10ZiG’s VMware and Teradici trained world class support as well as access to Teradici's own PCoIP Management Console with every device upgraded. This is a robust utility which is both extremely easy to set up and manage.

The news comes off the back of Teradici’s announcement that the Tera1 Portal Processor will no longer support future releases of VMware Horizon, with the last supported version being 6.0.1. The Tera1, first launched in 2007, has now reached its limit in terms of new features that can be added and only fixes deemed critical will be provided thru April 2016. Horizon RDSH, Client-side Cache and Text CODEC are just some of the features not supported on Tera1 and are therefore incapable of being certified against Horizon 6.01 and higher.

“It is great news that VMware and Teradici continue to make leaps forward to ensure End User Computing caters to all types of use cases. The Tera1 Chipset has been around for over 7 years and it still provides a greater user experience than most general purpose x86 or ARM processors found in traditional PC’s and Thin Clients. While Tera1 end points will still connect to a Virtual Desktop in a VMware Horizon 6.0.1, future releases will no longer be supported by VMware, Teradici or 10ZiG. We think it’s a testament to the ground breaking progress that Teradici has made to date. As a solely focused Thin and Zero Client vendor with Teradici and VMware trained Sales and Support teams, 10ZiG are perfectly positioned to offer existing Tera1 users an upgrade path to our Tera2 Zero Client family and reap the benefits of future versions of VMware Horizon,