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New 7900q All-in-One Endpoint Series Featuring More Power, Webcam, and Dual Mic Gears up the 10ZiG Line of Thin & Zero Clients

The 7900q Thin & Zero Client Series Enhances the 10ZiG Lineup of Hardware for Customers who Want an All-in-One with Additional Power, and Webcam & Dual Mic Communication Native Support.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – 10ZiG has added a new All-in-One to its lineup of Thin & Zero Client Hardware offerings that cover users from task to high-demand, and everything in-between. During- and post-pandemic, customers found themselves needing audio & video assets as an option to the already well-known 7700q Thin & Zero AIO Clients Series. 10ZiG responded and is now going to global market at 10ZiG.com with the powerful 7900q.

The 10ZiG 7900q Series comes with a 5M webcam & dual digital microphone, up to 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 23.8