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10ZiG Technology Launching Enhanced High Performance Quad Core Dual DP (DisplayPort) Thin Client at VMworld 2016


Jamie Heinz
Director of Marketing
10ZiG Technology Inc.
(866) 865-5250

10ZiG Technology Launching Enhanced High Performance Quad Core Dual DP (DisplayPort) Thin Client at VMworld 2016

10ZiG Technology introducing enhanced 5800qd Thin Client featuring high-resolution Dual DP display capabilities. 10ZiG will be demoing this unit and other VDI Solutions at VMworld 2016, booth #858, in Las Vegas, August 28 - September 1, 2016.

PHOENIX, Arizona – A new advanced dual DP (DisplayPort) quad core Thin Client, the 5800qd, with dual screen resolution up to 2560x1600, is debuting at VMworld 2016. The 5800qd is the newest high performance addition to the successful 5800q series, 10ZiG Technology announces.

The 10ZiG 5800qd series Thin Client computing solutions are engineered to handle graphic intensive projects in addition to a broad range of 3D and multimedia applications while reaping the benefits of a secure and centralized infrastructure. 10ZiG is now accepting orders for the highly scalable 5800qd Thin Client series.

The 5800qd series from 10ZiG features cutting edge hardware allowing for the use of Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology which was specifically developed for accessing server-based 3D applications. The 5800qd series handles graphic intensive applications in conjunction with high performance CAD workstations and/or servers equipped with NVIDIA GRID cards.

In addition to graphic intensive applications, the 5800qd series excels at decoding multimedia content, unified communications and multiple complex applications that only top end VDI Solutions can handle. Scaling for the future, this powerful Thin Client comes equipped with an industry leading seven USB ports with optional dual DVI (5800q series) or dual DP (5800qd series).

Providing the computing horsepower is an Intel quad core processor. Processing speeds are up to 2.0 GHz while utilizing Intel’s SpeedStep Technology™ and capable of delivering speeds up to 2.42 GHz in “boost